Modern TV Tray Review

For those who are old enough to recall the TV tray of yesteryear, recollections will be of a flimsy wooden or light metal tray on wobbly legs. It was shaky and always seemed to have one leg shorter than the rest. It was placed gingerly in front of the chair from where the TV was going to be watched. Then, after seating yourself cautiously in the chair, the tray was slowly and carefully reeled in as close as possible to the chair. Any quick movements or jostling could topple the TV tray and make the rest of the meal, not to mention the rest of the day, a regrettable bad memory. Today’s trays are as distant as they could possibly be from the rickety ones of the 50s and 60s. Not only are contemporary trays built sturdier, but some of them have themes that are not only pleasant to look at, but fun to look at. Many go far beyond mere functionality as a tray to eat off of while watching the tube. They’ve become designer trays that reflect personality and add pizazz to the experience. TV Tray review

The Functional TV Tray

Yes, there are still trays that serve as mostly functional items, but they have progressed to much higher levels of functionality than their primitive ancestors. They’ve grown up, as it were, and are constructed of materials heretofore reserved for serious furniture and with more contemporary designs. No longer are tube-watching noshers relegated to flimsy, tipsy, and weak structured trays. On one site, there are trays and small tables designed for TV meals that are made of sturdy respectable materials like Beechwood, Maple, Walnut, bamboo, and Mahogany. That’s a far cry from the thin metal ones of times past. And no longer are trays restricted to rectangular shapes with squared corners. There are trays with oblong shapes and with rounded corners. On another site, one beautiful single tray had a raised edge. It was constructed of a woven rustic rattan style rush grass, and was wrapped with banana leaf. It had steel legs and a steel wire framing. Most still fold up to space-saving thinness, but often they are one of a matched set of two or four. The set of four includes a stand for convenient storage so that all four trays are neatly stored in a neat and orderly package. Some of the singular items also include a slot on the side to hold a newspaper, TV magazine, or book. The stand that holds the trays has a handle to easily move the set of trays into its storage place.

The Whimsical TV Tray

In addition to the strictly functional trays, there is certainly a vast array of whimsical trays as well. There are exotic trays with different shapes and colors and themes that range from mild to wild. Some of the lighter themes are floral arrangements, Tuscan wine labels, nautical themes, horses, Nantucket boat scenes, covered bridges, and other assorted mild themes. For the wilder set, there are football shaped trays, fish shaped trays, crab shaped trays, butterfly shaped trays, and flip flop sandals shaped trays. There are pirate themed trays, watermelon shaped trays, red Hibiscus shaped trays, and surf board shaped trays. The days of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry tray may be a thing of the past, but whimsy and fun will never die it seems, and rightfully so.

There is also still a wide array of bed trays as well. They are still being made and are, of course, contemporary in design and structure with sturdier materials than in the past, as well. Some models have a slot on the side for a book, TV Guide or magazine. There is even a style designed like a hospital tray that extends over the side of the bed. Naturally, the prices have changed from the prices of the 50s and 60s, but considering the quality and the fun element thrown in, prices are reasonable enough. For instance, you can get a set of four trays and stand made of Walnut, for under $75.00. With the advent of TVs that are larger than life and 3-D TV a reality, the question is how long it will be before TVs are merely holographic images dancing in front of the tray. One can only imagine that the tray to watch those TVs might be gravity-less and leg-less, suspended in mid-air. Watching TV while eating will be even easier with the wondrous floating TV tray being stored near the ceiling.

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