Painter Decorator Dublin: Basic Things to Know

What are the predominant colours of your furniture, upholstery, carpets, and artwork? Look to them for inspiration, but fight to impulse to match. For example, if blue is dominant in your furnishings, choose a blue paint with some gray in it. By throwing the shade off slightly, you’ll avoid the feeling that the room is too rigidly coordinated.

Would you consider using different colours for the walls, ceiling, trim and floor in the same room?

Colour doesn’t have to mean bold hues lavishly applied. Even if you don’t want to live with strong colour, don’t assume that a mix of colours isn’t for you. Some of the most beautiful rooms, are combinations of neutrals creatively used.

What colour is the floor?

How highly polished is it? Carpeting may bounce colour off your walls. A highly polished wood floor, however, can boost the light considerably.

What colours are flattering to you?

If you are planning to paint a bathroom, dressing room, or bedroom, choose a colour that is flattering to your skin tones.Check here painter decorator dublin.

What kind of paint will you need?

For most walls you’ll want flat paint, especially if your walls are less that perfect. Satin is good for kitchen and bathroom walls, while semigloss is best to highlight woodwork and doors, and it’s more durable. For the surfaces that will get the most wear or exposure to the elements, choose high gloss.

What inspires you?

Get a 2-by-4 foot piece of poster board and a box of pushpins. Cover it with all the paint, and fabric swatches you’re considering, as well as with pictures of rooms you have clipped from books and magazines. If you’re doing several rooms, make one of these “story boards” for each. By bringing all you ideas and inspirations together your room will work better together.

Do you want to make smaller changes or completely redecorate?

If redecorating involves major expense beyond your budget, perhaps you can work a favorite new colour into your room in a small way – in pillows, or dishes, or by painting a piece of furniture or a picture frame.